Complete Guide: How To Develop A Successful Ola Clone App?

Ola Clone App

For individuals who wish to establish their own taxi service in 2022, the question of how to develop apps like Ola or Uber is critical.

A taxi booking service is based on the concept of ordering a taxi via an app. Users only need to enter pick-up and drop-off locations to experience hassle-free transportation.

The taxi sector is dominated by a few big players, like Ola and Uber. Slowly other taxi service entrepreneurs are entering the on demand app development market because the era has gone when people used to wait for taxis for long hours. To create an app similar to Uber or Ola, you can contact a taxi app development company.

To understand how ola operates, first you have to deeply analyze the business model which ola follows. An online taxi booking service’s business concept is based on a two-sided marketplace. Here riders send ride requests, which drivers accept, and complete the rider journey by dropping at the location. Ola gives riders and drivers access to the platform for their purposes.

Rather than charging customers a fee on each completed ride, Ola earns revenue by charging fixed commissions on each completed ride.

However, ola does not directly hire the drivers. Drivers are, in fact, partners who have the freedom to set their own work schedules.

The company has only minimal control over the drivers who work for them. Furthermore, individuals have the option of accepting or declining the length of time they choose to be connected with the organization. While the service allows drivers to supplement their income, it also provides riders with a distinct value proposition.

A Taxi and ride-sharing reservations Ola, for example, follows a set of easy steps:

  • The taxi app is designed for those who want to book a cab. To begin, download the Ola app from the Google play store if you are an android user and the App store if you are an iOS user.
  • A user can choose his preferred car type which includes Mini, Micro, Share, Prime Sedan, Auto, Rentals, and Outstation.
  • Then ola shows the estimated fare based on the distance, vehicle and the number of passengers.
  • The fare will be calculated using the Ola cab rates calculator on the Ola website in India.
  • The details will be sent to the nearest driver after the ride has been confirmed.
  • The driver has the option of accepting or declining the ride based on his schedule. If he declines the trip, the lead will be immediately passed on to another operator.
  • When the driver accepts the trip, the app will show you the estimate of cost and the time of arrival. Riders can also locate the vehicle through the navigation feature available in ola.
  • Then comes the payment option. Riders can make payments through various modes of payment. They can also pay the fare at the time of booking the cab.
  • You will be requested to give a rating to the Ola cabs support team after completing the trip.

To avoid mistakes for your taxi app development process you have to need to read this post:

Feature of Ola Clone App

To build an Ola app, you need to hire these professionals. These people are mandatory for On demand app development because they take responsibility for their work and ensure you greater support. You can make an in-house team or hire iOS and Android freelancers for the ola clone app development. Apart from this, you can choose to avail of Taxi app development services from a popular firm for better support ad guidance. Here is the list of experts who are required for On-demand mobile applications-

  • Business analysts
  • UI/UX designers
  • Android developers
  • iOS developers
  • Testers / Quality Assurance Engineers
  • A project manager
  • Marketing specialists

A taxi booking app’s scope of work determines the amount of time and budget it will require. The cost estimate gets clearer depending on where your app development team is located.

European regions — $50–200 per hour
United Kingdom: $60–150 per hour
Asian regions $20–130 per hour
In India, the hourly wage ranges from $15 to $80.

Have a look at some major segments that influence the cost of developing Ola type applications -

App platform

The cost of developing an Ola clone script varies on numerous factors. Basically, the cost of developing an Ola-like app for Android is more expensive than for iOS. It is because Android has more users than iOS.

App Features

The Ola app features vary according to the client’s demand for features. If a client asks for only basic features, the cost remains less and on the other hand, advanced capabilities in the app cost more than the average. By advanced features, I mean data synchronization, push notifications, OTP evaluation, etc.

App Cost

In general, the cost to develop app like Ola is determined by a variety of factors such as the location of the Ola clone app development, number of features, developers per hour rate, app architecture, etc.

App Design

App design

Well, the design of the app matters a lot because it is all about how your users interact with the app. It is important to make the app as user-friendly as you can and for these advanced technologies and resources are required, which are usually more expensive.

App Developer

First of all, the country in which you choose to develop your app influence the overall Ola clone app development cost and if you choose to go with freelancing, then also the developer of which country you choose matters a lot. If you hire freelancers from Asian countries like India, it will cost you less as compared to the European regions.

Payment Options for Apps

The cost also depends on the number of functions such as a mobile wallet, which allows payments to be made almost instantly and without any issues. This function comes with additional expenditures, but it is also beneficial.

The technological stack is the next area of focus in apps like ola and uber. You have chosen the technologies that you want to use in your app. Each feature will require a different tool so you must decide this at the time of planning for the app. Taxi app development services can suggest to you the perfect technology which you should use in the app. Listed below are the tech stacks for a taxi service app -

  1. Development

• iOS — Xcode, Alamofire, and Swift
• Android — Java Studio, Kotlin
• Tools — Facebook API, Amazon S3, Firebase Cloud, Google Maps, and Twilio

2. Testing

• Confluence, Crashlytics, and GitLab

3. Launch

  • Apple Store, Google Play store, AWS, and EC2

While Ola can serve as a baseline, any new player in the market has room to innovate. It’s critical to develop your own app and maintain the unique value of your online taxi booking app. Apart from this deeply analyze your niche and prepare effective monetization strategies to generate revenues.

Find the best solution that suits your requirements and helps you reach your business goals with the support of Taxi app development services.



Digital Marketer at PeppyOcean. As my hobby, I like to share content on the latest tech, on-demand apps, and trending apps.

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Eliza Smith

Digital Marketer at PeppyOcean. As my hobby, I like to share content on the latest tech, on-demand apps, and trending apps.