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6 min readMay 25, 2022
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With on demand apps taking over almost every sector, it comes as no surprise thus that the overall customer experience has revolutionized to a great extent. These apps have made their lives quite easy. Hence, today almost every sector has included these solutions within operations like food delivery, groceries, etc. And you would be surprised to know, that apps like the Uber for courier app made it convenient for users. And they are able to book a parcel delivery right from the comfort of their houses. This convenience has supported the logistics industry to become a profitable name. According to Statista, by 2025 the on demand logistic market would observe a growth of 326.32 billion dollars at an annual growth rate of around 12%. Due to the presence of the on demand logistic apps that have allowed users to track their parcels.

It has supported them to get it seamlessly picked up and dropped to their near and dear ones. This has helped the logistics industry to streamline the way they carry out their courier delivery services. This includes being aware of the daily progress they make. And the different tasks delivery professionals perform, followed by having awareness of the customer reviews. All this ensures that the new logistics startup can deliver unique performances through the app. And maximize their ROI and revenues both side by side.

In the lines below, we will look at the factors that have been responsible for the creation of this app. So, without further do, let us begin.

Factors Responsible for the Creation of Uber for Courier App

1. Eases Courier Delivery Process

On demand logistic apps have made it easy for the logistics industry to ensure a seamless delivery experience. This is in being able to get the location from where the parcel is to be picked up and where it is to be dropped off and all areas make it a blessing for the logistics industry as it supports them in automating the way they carry out their day-to-day operations or perform daily tasks.

2. Streamlines Order Tracking & Booking

This is one of the most unique elements that the Uber for courier app empowers users with. No longer are they required to visit postal offices or stand in long queues for ensuring parcel delivery to their near and dear ones. The app allows them to seamlessly make the booking for the parcel pickup followed by giving them the necessary ease to track its whereabouts till its delivery thereby ensuring maximum clarity until the arrival of the parcel.

3. Timely Task Notifications

This comes as a blessing for the delivery driver. The on demand logistic apps come with the feature of push notifications that allow the delivery driver to be aware of their next task. This is the delivery pick up or drop. It simultaneously allows them to remain aware of earnings in a seamless manner, and the daily progress they are making too. All this boosts their productivity and efficiency to a great extent.

Alongside these factors; others that have been specifically responsible for the popularity of these apps are-

• Eases the task of delivering high levels of customer satisfaction
• Ensuring seamless warehouse management
• Reduces paperwork as the app makes the task related to signing etc when the delivery arrives smooth and convenient.

Observing these factors, it thus is a good idea to embrace on demand courier delivery services into your operations. This is especially if not done yet for your new logistics venture. It will streamline courier delivery experiences for your customers, allowing them to seamlessly track parcels and be aware of their whereabouts till arrival. This will help your business, in the long run, to become a formidable name in the market and earn a maximum number of customers and simultaneously maximize its ROI in the shortest possible time.

To perform this, keep these points in mind-

Steps To Follow How To Build A Uber for Courier App

Uber for Courier App

Document Your Idea

First and foremost, draft a flowchart for your app. This will help you to gain an insight into the overall app flow and understand its functionality too. This is also going to support you understand the future scope of the app for your business.

Select Business Model Wisely

There are different business models when it comes to the courier business. This includes the postal and courier service apps that help the business. This is followed by package tracking aggregators. This will help the business track all different packages from one place. Next comes the branded delivery and integrated solutions that allow the logistics venture to help users gain clarity over their parcels. Finally, we have an Uber-like marketplace that makes it easy for the business to provide on demand courier delivery services to the customers and earn good revenue through every courier delivery.

Hence, select a business model that will work best for your business. To perform this you need to understand the audience you are catering to and the long-term goals. All these areas will help you to make this choice conveniently.

Draft Your Goals and Needs

This is another prerequisite to creating a powerful Uber for courier app. It is important to highlight the goals you want to achieve, followed by getting an understanding of your business needs and requirements. All this will help you to operate your business seamlessly and ensure it makes the maximum success right from Day 1.

Include Features that Would Streamline Courier Delivery

Last, research the features that would help the app seamlessly operate and perform seamless courier delivery. Hence, research your competitors to observe features that work best for them. This will help you to understand if these features are good for you or not. Also, gain an insight into the missing elements in their app. This will help you to analyze if these will work for you or not.

Some features that we especially recommend including within your Uber for courier app are-

• Multiple packaging options to help customers get clarity on the payments they would have to make based on the type of packaging option they select and so on.
• AI chatbots or automated chat-bots. This will help users get their tracking information fetched. This is without the need to converse with customer support.
• Calendar to allow users to select a date and time convenient for them for their delivery-related tasks.
• Premium and fast delivery. This supports customers and business owners both. The user can select this if they want an important delivery. Once they do so, they can pay extra. This will support the business owner to earn a good amount of money through the amount the customer pays for these deliveries.

With all these areas focused upon, including these elements within the on demand logistic apps will help it to render seamless courier delivery experiences to the users. This is followed by ensuring that the business can automate the way it provides on demand courier delivery services, thereby earning a good amount of revenue and customers both side by side.

Ending Words

Customer experience needs to be enhanced to the best always. This is particularly if operating in an industry such as logistics. Therefore, including the Uber for courier app. It will streamline courier delivery services, allowing users to remain aware of their parcels. In other words, the app will make it easy to track the parcel and have an awareness of the expected time of arrival as well. It will most importantly act as a gateway for the logistics industry to streamline the way they provide courier delivery services, making the different tasks like order management, and warehouse management extremely easy.

Hence, if you are setting the base for the first time in logistics, and want to include a solution such as the Uber for courier app into your business, make sure you do it today. You can get in touch with an on demand courier delivery app development company. Their expertise in using the best practices during app development will provide you with a customizable app. This will ensure you can modify it seamlessly based on your future business needs, is responsive, etc. All this will allow seamless functioning of the app across different platforms and help you gain a wider user base in the shortest possible time.



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